Remnant years is an exciting new TTRPG for those who delight in the odd as well as the mundane.

Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy land where every day holds the potiential for adventure, the players take the roles of average folk just trying to make it in the world. In the course of their journeys they can make new friends, discover ancient technologies, solve mysteries, partake in fey heists, or maybe spend a session just telling stories around a campfire while relaxing on a beach.
Visit the ruined city of Duncove where a centuries old necromancer has revived a species whose skeletons she found on the moon. Browse the interdimensional markets of Haven where strange curios and ancient artifacts are sold alongside fresh fish and certified non-magical gourds. Or perhaps just roam the wilderness in a world changed by centuries of magic and technology gone awry.

Your character might start as a simple librarian sent out to collect old books, a wizarding student working on their arcane thesis, or just a loyal member of your family out delivering wedding invites. However, they will inevitably get caught up in all sorts of complex conspiracies and plots as they travel the world and encounter new locations.

For the most part the occupants of the world of Remnant Years are open to discussion. While some groups might handle every situation with violence, you and your friends might find the benefits of befriending your enemies and seeking peaceful resolutions.

The Remnant Years system encourages role play and story telling, from rewarding flavorful descriptions of attempts to handle problems to our resource system that allows your characters to have what they need to handle a problem by using a flashback sequence.
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Daring endeavors, monstrous beasts, and weird little robots, all in 30 pages of illustrated introductory quest. Intro rules are included!
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Scholars cannot agree on when Adam first discovered TTRPGs, as it's not an important piece of information, and I doubt anyone at all is talking about it, except maybe Adam. He says it was around the age of 7, which, according to him, is so long ago that it's enough time to watch The Lord of The Rings extended edition 27,760 times in a row (assuming you don't sleep). After 27,760 LoTR runtimes, he says he has gotten pretty good at running TTRPGs and does it as a job. When he isn't running TTRPGs for folks all over the world, he likes to pet dogs, or daydream about teaching some raccoons to play board games.
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